“Born into Brothels” – February 6th

Join the Boston Sunday Night Film Club this Sunday, February 6th at 7:20pm for “Born into Brothels” at the Kendall Square Cinema. Look for Sean wearing a nametag in the theatre lobby about 15 minutes before the film. As always, after the film we will descend on a local establishment for dinner/drinks/discussion.

“In a tribute to the resiliency of childhood, debut writers/directors Zana Briski and Ross Kauffman offer a portrait of several unforgettable children who live in the red light district of Calcutta, where their mothers work as prostitutes. Briski, a photographer, gives each child a camera and teaches them how to take pictures, causing them to look at their world with new eyes. Humorous and heartfelt, the film reveals the power of art and how beauty can be found in the most unlikely of places. Winner of ten major film festival prizes, including the 2004 Sundance Audience Award for Best Documentary. Academy Award Nominee for Best Documentary Feature.”

“The 10th District Court: Moments of Trial”

This Sunday (January 30th), join the Boston chapter of the Sunday Night Film Club at the Harvard Film Archive for the film “The 10th District Court: Moments of Trial”.

“The proceedings of a Paris courtroom are the basis for one of the most striking nonfiction works to emerge from the continent in recent years. Drawing from over two hundred appearances in the 10th District Courtroom, all featuring the same steadfast judge, renowned photographer Raymond Dipardon provides compelling, often humorous observations of a series of misdemeanor hearings and sentencings. Using a simple, static formal structure, he captures the subtler details of human behavior which reveal the complexities of race, class, and gender in contemporary society.” Directed by Raymond Dipardon.

Showtime is at 7pm, and I will be there about 15 minutes early wearing a nametag reading “Sean”. The first few people who show up will get a somewhat discounted ticket thanks to Corinna’s employee discount.

P.S. Be sure to check out the new and improved homepage of the Boston Sunday Night Film Club at https://boston.sundaynightfilmclub.com/. It is still a work-in-progress, so feel free to use the leave a comment on the page if you have any suggestions, questions, or requests.


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