Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I join?

A: You don’t, you just show up to one of our weekly gatherings and introduce yourself!

Q: How do I get my ticket?

A: We don’t provide you with the ticket, you purchase that from the box office.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Just what you spend on the ticket, food and drink.

Q: Do I get any kind of discount on the movie ticket?

A: No. Because we are trying to keep this a very loose organization, we don’t have the kinds of reliable attendance that the theatre owners are looking for when trying to arrange discounts. That said, many employers offer discounted movie tickets, as well as most theatres offer some kind of “pre-paid” discount book. Ask your employer or the box office for more information.

Q: How do I find out about the weekly film club gatherings?

A: There are actually many ways to find out about the weekly gatherings:

Q: How do I meet up with the group?

A: Each newsletter contains a location, showtime, and the name and photo of a “host”. That host, hopefully wearing a nametag, will be standing in the theatre lobby approximately 15 minutes before showtime. The group usually enters the screening room about 5 minutes before showtime.

Q: What happens if I don’t see/find the group before the show starts?

A: We try and stand outside of the screening room until it is mostly empty or the credits have stopped rolling. If you still can’t find us outside of the screening room, the best bet is to call the host’s cell phone. For the sake of privacy, we don’t publish the host’s phone numbers on this site, but feel free to contact Sean if you think you need someone’s number.

Q: What happens if the film sells out?

A: That is outside of the club’s control, so if you think a film is going to sell out, it’s a good idea to preorder tickets or to show up to the theatre as early as you can.

Q: Where are we going to eat after the film?

A: We used to try and announce the place in the newsletter, but these days we loosely vote on it after the film.

Q: How long has the club been around?

A: The club first met in January of 2003, and other than a one month hiatus and the occasional holiday weekend, has met every Sunday since.

Q: Who picks the films?

A: While the weekly pick is usually based on member feedback the previous week, the week’s host has the final word. If you want to see a particular film next week, show up and speak up!

Q: How far in advance are the films chosen / When are the films announced?

A: Most theaters don’t publish their showtimes until Wednesday, so we usually pick the film on Thursday and send out the newsletter on Thursday or Friday.

Q: What kinds of films does the club see?

A: We try to see a blend of mainstream and independent/art films. There isn’t any kind of order or plan, we just pick a movie we want to see that week. Therefore, it’s possible to have 4 weeks of documentaries in a row (and that has happened!)

Q: Do I need to attend every week?

A: Absolutely not! Again, this is a very informal club, and you are under no obligation to show up every week. We have members who come to every gathering, we have some who come once a month, or whenever they feel like it. Do whatever feels right for you.

Q: How many people attend each week?

A: While we have had as many as 25 people show up at one gathering, usually the number is closer to 6-12.

Q: What if I don’t like the weekly selection?

A: Feel free to skip that week, we won’t think anything of it.

Q: Are you a bunch of film snobs?

A: On any given week we generally have a good blend of “film snobs” and people out for a good time. We’ve been known to have some heated discussions afterwards, but for the most part we just talk about what we liked and didn’t like, as opposed to a film-school dissection of the film.

Q: Do I have to eat/drink after the film?

A: No, you can either show up for the movie and say your goodbyes afterwards, or come out to the restaurant with us and just hang out. And if you aren’t into alcohol, don’t worry, we have plenty of members who don’t drink (and usually nobody has more than a drink or two anyway).

Q: What theatres do you usually attend?

A: A partial list of the theatres we usually attend can be found in the “Links” section in the sidebar.

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