“King Kong” (2005) – December 18th

Join the Boston Sunday Night Film Club this Sunday, December 18th at 6:15pm for “King Kong (2005)” at the Fenway 13. Look for Sean wearing a nametag and sitting in the little seating area in the lobby (between the ticket booths and the video games) about 15 minutes before the film. As always, after the film we will descend on a local establishment for dinner/drinks/discussion. This may be a very popular film, so showing up early or preordering tickets might be a good idea!

“Set in the 1930s, this is the story of a group of explorers and documentary filmmakers who travel to the mysterious Skull Island (near Sumatra) to investigate legends of a giant gorilla named Kong. Once there, they discover that King Kong is a real creature, living in a massive jungle where creatures from prehistoric times have been protected and hidden for millions of years. As the explorers search for the great ape, their quest puts them up against both Kong and his dinosaur enemies. Ultimately, it is the attention of a beautiful human woman that soothes Kong long enough for him to be subdued by the explorers and shipped back to New York, where his bleak future involves being put on display in front of humans… but how long can even the mightiest shackles of man hold back an ape 25 feet tall?”

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