This announcement is a bit earlier than your usual SNFC fare, but you need to act quickly, so I figured the sooner the better!

The Brattle Theatre is running a “super cop” film festival called the Hot Fuzztival, in honor of the upcoming release of Hot Fuzz (the new comedy from the creators of Shaun of the Dead). The highlight of the festival is a preview screening of Hot Fuzz on Sunday, March 25th, one month before it is released here in the states. Creators Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg will be in person.

The trick is, in order to get a pass to this screening, you need to buy a ticket to one of the other films in the Hot Fuzztival in advance. If you bring a print out of the order to the box office on or after March 16th, you will get a free pass to see Hot Fuzz. While this is a little unorthodox, it’s the only way to get a pass for the screening. More details can be found at the Hot Fuzztival Page.

Obviously, I am telling you all this for a reason. The SNFC film for Sunday, March 25th, will be Hot Fuzz. If you are interested, you should jump through these hoops and get yourself a ticket!

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