Same-Day Updates

For the longest time I’ve been trying to figure out a way to use SMS (Text Messaging) to get in contact with club members for a number of reasons. Some examples:

  • The theatre lobby is crowded and you might have trouble spotting me
  • Perhaps the show is sold out and I want to warn people
  • I might be running late

I’m going to be experimenting with Twitter to accomplish this goal. Once you create a twitter account, you can add boston_snfc to your ‘follow’ list. If you then verify your phone you can receive these updates directly on your cell phone. It’s somewhat complicated and completely nerdy, but I’m hoping that it’s just another way to improve club communication…

I’ll also add anyone I see “following” the club account as a friend, so you can use Twitter’s direct text capability to contact me directly if you, say, can’t find anyone from the club.

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