Independent Film Festival of Boston 2007

The fine people of the Coolidge Corner Theater asked me to let you guys know about the Independent Film Festival of Boston.  The 5th Annual Festival kicks off this Wednesday with "Fay Grim" at the Somerville Theatre.   Then, from Thursday the 26th through Tuesday May 1st, over 110 screenings will be spread across the Coolidge Corner, Somerville, and Brattle.  Independent cinema and our local independent theatres need your support, and the IFF allows you to do both, so please check out for schedules and more information!

Some of the films I plan on checking out myself are The King of Kong, Fido, Black Sheep, and The Ten, among others…  Since it's my neighborhood theatre, I'll probably be mostly sticking to the Coolidge..  If you're interested in attending one of these (or any other) screening in the festival, visit the club webpage and leave some comments…  Its a great way (hopefully) to find others to go to screenings with..  Finally, if you are planning on attending a screening, it's always a good idea to buy tickets in advance, as some of these screenings will be hot tickets!

One thought on “Independent Film Festival of Boston 2007”

  1. I definitely agree. Support independent film and this festival. Last year, I saw Half Nelson and few others.
    I love film festivals.
    FYI: coolidge members get discounted IFF tickets
    I have a press pass this year.
    My plans are to see:
    Fay Grim
    On Broadway
    Punk’s Not Dead
    Away from Her
    Lawyer Walks into a Bar
    Killer Within
    Strange Culture
    The Ten
    Eagle vs. Shark
    Brooklyn Rules

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