The Boston Sunday Night Film Club will be making a special trip to the Mendon Drive-in in Mendon, MA this Sunday, May 11th. We will be seeing “Speed Racer” at 8:10pm, but we will be aiming to get there around 7pm for the best parking spots. Since everything at the Mendon is a double-feature, after the film you can choose to watch “10,000 BC” on the same screen, or drive over to the other one to see “Drillbit Taylor”.

Look for Sean in his silver Hyundai Elantra with a “Donkey” bumper sticker. Also, if you leave a comment or send an email I will get you my cell phone number. The concession stand at the Mendon is fantastic, so we’ll be eating during/between films.

Obviously, not everyone is able to drive out to Mendon, so we are hoping that those of you with cars can help out those without. Those looking for a ride, or those with empty space in their car, can use the comments on this post at the club website.

Directions and other information is available at the Mendon Drive-in website. We will return to our regularly-scheduled format next week, May 18th.

3 thoughts on “SPECIAL DRIVE-IN TRIP – “Speed Racer””

  1. Dan & Shel could use a lift, if there’s free space somewhere for 2. We’re in for both shows if you’re up for it, but can skip the second show if you’re not. Thanks!

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