“Nostalgia for the Light” – Jun 12th

Join the Boston Sunday Night Film Club this Sunday, Jun 12th at 7:30p for Nostalgia for the Light at the Brattle Theatre . Look for Sean wearing a nametag in the theatre lobby about 15 minutes before the film. As always, after the film we will descend on a local establishment for dinner/drinks/discussion.

For his new film, master director Patricio GuzmA!n (The Battle of Chile, The Pinochet Case) travels 10,000 feet above sea level to the driest place on earth, Chileas Atacama Desert. There, atop the mountains where the sky is so translucent that telescopes can see right to the boundaries of the universe, astronomers from all over the world gather to observe the stars. Meanwhile, at the base of the mountains, the harsh heat of the sun preserves secrets from the past: the remains of Pre-Columbian mummies; 19th-century explorers and miners; and the remains of political prisoners adisappeareda by the Chilean army in the 1970s. So it happens that, while astronomers examine the most distant and oldest galaxies above, women, surviving relatives of the disappeared, search below for the remains of their loved ones.

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