“Argo” – Oct 14th

Join the Boston Sunday Night Film Club this Sunday, Oct 14th at 7:30p for Argo at the Somerville Theatre . Look for Sean wearing a nametag in the theatre lobby about 15 minutes before the film. As always, after the film we will descend on a local establishment for dinner/drinks/discussion.

On Nov. 4, 1979, Iranian revolutionaries storm the U.S. embassy in Tehran, taking 52 Americans hostage. Amid the chaos, six Americans manage to slip away and find refuge with the Canadian ambassador. However, knowing that its only a matter of time before the refugees are found and very likely executed, the government calls on extractor Tony Mendez (Ben Affleck) to rescue them. Mendezs plan: to pose as a Hollywood film producer scouting locations in Iran and use the refugees as his crew.

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