No Movie This Weekend – April 17th

Between the Easter holiday observed by some members and a lack of movies that caught my eye, we’ll be taking this weekend off. But the plan is for the film club to return ~weekly as long as it is safe to do so.

Also, the lineup for IFFBoston 2022 has been posted! Tickets go on sale soon, so keep an eye on (and follow them on the socials and/or sign up for their mailing list). Once the schedule is announced I’ll post here with the film club selection for festival sunday.

IFFBoston 2021 (is Virtual!)

Greetings, all! I hope you all have been well and that you’ve had a chance to get vaccinated (assuming you are able to)! I’m really looking forward to seeing you in the next few months as we start to reenter some approximation of normal society! I’m not exactly sure when the club will return, but it seems sooner than it has in a long while.

Until then, I come bearing news: Our friends over at the Independent Film Festival Boston is about to begin its 2021 festival, which due to COVID-19 is 100% virtual this year. But it is no less ambitious than the usual Spring extravaganza, and a welcome return after having to skip last spring!

Tickets are on sale now, and the lineup looks great! It seems like most (all?) of the offerings have a 48-hour streaming window, so it should be somewhat easier to fit the festival into your plans.

It has been suggest that we have a follow-up club zoom after the festival to discuss it, and I think that’s a great idea. Perhaps we should do it May 23rd (to give stream stragglers a chance to catch up)? Leave a comment below if you’re interested in that. And if you have opinions about how the club should return to in-person events please leave a comment too!

IFFBoston Fall Focus and Long Time No See

I sent a note a few weeks ago letting you know about the IFFBoston Fall Focus, which is currently in full swing. There are six films available for you to stream right now (and you will be able to continue to screen them for a few days, details at

I originally suggested we get together for a video meetup tonight, but I dropped the ball on that. So let’s have a video meetup next Sunday 11/8 at 7pm.  We will use the same Jitsi meeting link that we used a few months ago. I sent that out (and will again) on the mailing list, but if you need it just reach out! (I’m avoiding posting it here to reduce troll potential)

Hope to see you there!

IFFBoston Virtual Fall Focus


It’s been awhile since the Sunday Night Film Club has been active. I hope you all are well in these crazy times!

Our friends at IFFBoston are hosting a virtual edition of their yearly Fall Focus mini-festival! You can find out more information about the lineup, as well as purchase passes and tickets at their site:

If people are interested maybe we can all do a zoom meetup Sunday evening to discuss the series as well as catch up…

Reminder: “The Rabbi Goes West” – May 31st

Just wanted to drop a reminder to rent and watch our pick “The Rabbi Goes West”, before the Q&A this Sunday at 8pm. Here are the details from last week’s post:

Our friends over at IFFBoston are hosting their first Virtual Screening of the new documentary “The Rabbi Goes West”. The movie will be streamable on Vimeo beginning this Sunday, May 24th through June 4th. You can rent a 72 streaming window and can pre-order it now.  IFFBoston will benefit from the proceeds. You can find more details and pre-order here.  They are also hosting a live Q&A on Youtube with the filmmakers and subjects on Sunday, May 31st at 8pm.

I’ve decided that we will “meet” via video chat AFTER the Q&A, and we will be using Jitsi Meet. It will work right in your browser, but they also have mobile apps if you want to use your phone or tablet. Links to those apps are available on the Jitsi site.

I will send the meeting code out via email on Sunday afternoon, so if you have already filled out the survey from last week, you are all set. If you are interested in joining us and did NOT fill out the survey, please email me at sean <at> sundaynightfilmclub <dot> com. Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.

Hopefully this will go smoothly!